Say goodbye to f***** up shields forever (fogged)

Say goodbye to f***** up shields forever

Our Products

  • Easy Installation

    Super easy to install in helmets. Since it's attached to the inside, it does not get scratched by normal use of the helmet.

  • Does not distort vision

  • Does not need special care

What people say about FogStop

Installation is really straight forward and simple. 

Liz Waisner

It was 38 degrees here this morning and I finally had a fog free Visor!!

Mandy Wright

 Keeping my visor clear has been a struggle for me for years, and this has been the end of my search. 

Bruce Martin

How it Works

Antifog Capabilities

Photochromic Insert

About Us

Raleri means Italian design over high technology and of course optic research and development: Day after day we collect ideas around practical needing, some of which become products and some will remain just studies. We’re sportspeople and motorbikers. Our passion, year after year, led us to far places, made us meet unique people living unforgettable experiences. This scenery has always been the driving engine of our research.

Raleri was actually born in Bologna during 2008 around the study of a specific product: a dimming visor that would allow the motorbikers to comfortably drive through light and shadow turnover. Nowadays, after many patents, prototypes and studies on materials and technologies, Raleri has become an even more outstanding voice relatively to antimoisture and photosensitive materials, to the vision protection and to the study of new technical solutions.

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